• Policy and Guidelines
    1. Must be submitted for approval two weeks before the week of display.
    2. No one is allowed to place any posters, chairs or tables in the foyer without prior approval.
    3. Permanent displays are not permitted. (Church model is an exception)
    4. Maximum display limit is two weeks.
    5. Maximum size of posters is 22”x28”, tastefully attractive and professionally done.
    6. Tables, chairs and posters must be set up on Saturday or early Sunday morning and taken down on Sunday after service.
    7. Tables and chairs must be returned to the original place from which they came.
    8. Only one display per ministry at one time. The maximum number of displays to be set up at the same by two different ministries are two.
    9. You agree to abide by these guidelines by setting up tables, chairs and posters in the foyer.

  • (table, easel, etc.)
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